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   AdvoCare is a non-profit, membership  organization that is part of a national effort to reduce crime through criminal justice reform.

   AdvoCare’s goals are:  (a) to provide assistance to prisoners and ex-offenders in the form of education and employment referrals;  (b) to provide prisoners, family members of prisoners and all others concerned with updates on legal issues regarding prison conditions and criminal legislation;  (c) to provide a periodic newsletter to those concerned with prison related legal issues;  and  (d) to provide a link with other nonprofit organizations.

   In our work at AdvoCare, we support projects that help reduce the reliance on incarceration in order to improve public safety.  As a part of this we track the legal and legislative issues that affect prisoners and their families.  We attend many different conferences and meetings of other nonprofit organizations, compile data, and  research the most recent court decisions or legislation that may pertain to prisoners’ interests.  As we track  cases and legislative proposals, we also provide the information to prisoners, their families and others who may be interested.  We research case law and statutes for those prisoners who may not have access to complete legal authorities.  And, in some circumstances with our limited volunteer resources, we may make contact with legislators, officials, and even the courts to better track the handling of an individual case, grievance or informal complaint.

   Basically, our goal at AdvoCare is to aid prisoners and their families in achieving the best possible life while dealing with the confines of corrections.  We strive to bring families and communities together in order to rehabilitate individuals rather than continuing to disenfranchise them.

   AdvoCare’s membership consists of a vastly diverse group of individuals from different social, economic, ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

   AdvoCare members include professionals, legislators, housewives, incarcerated individuals and their family members, victims of crime, students and other citizens concerned about the status of our criminal justice system.







AdvoCare, Inc.

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